How does the loyalty program work on Mobilzer?

Loyalty program on Mobilzer

Acquiring customers is easy, but retaining them is hard. That’s why companies use loyalty programs to retain customers and incentivize them to enforce loyalty. A loyalty program, in its simplest form, is a marketing strategy that puts customers’ preferences at the center of attention. The strategy focuses on rewarding customers as the more you reward […]

Content creators’ guide to selling digital products through Mobilzer

Selling a digital product with Mobilzer

Are you a content creator that wants to start earning money from your digital products? If you produce valuable content, I can assure you that it has never been easier to monetize your work. There is a constant demand for digital products nowadays as millions of people go online every day to consume different types […]

What is Mobilzer? An introduction to the no-code mobile app builder 

What is Mobilzer?

Businesses that still refuse to go digital are missing a lot. Losing market share and competitiveness are the most common struggles for businesses that refuse to have an online presence. These days, physical stores are no longer enough considering customers’ needs and expectations. Consumers are switching to online stores for a more convenient shopping experience. […]


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Explore Mobilzer FAQ FAQ To what extent the data is confidential and secured? Your data is our top priority. We convert your data to hard-to-decipher codes to keep it confidential and protect it from any misuse. We make sure that there is no third party allowed to get your information. Who is in charge of […]