Selling a digital product with Mobilzer

Content creators’ guide to selling digital products through Mobilzer

Are you a content creator that wants to start earning money from your digital products? If you produce valuable content, I can assure you that it has never been easier to monetize your work. There is a constant demand for digital products nowadays as millions of people go online every day to consume different types of content. Products like music, games, or eBooks are in high demand and all you need to have is to produce one copy and sell it multiple times. Below, I’m going to show you how to sell digital products through Mobilzer so that you can get a flow of income without putting much effort on a regular basis.

Why sell digital products online? 

Digital products are any item that can be downloaded online such as eBooks, audiobooks software, music, courses, design templates, or digital art. Starting an online store to sell any of the mentioned products is way easier and cheaper than you think. Here’s why:

  • Little or no cost to build an online store

If you don’t have a website, there are many eCommerce platforms that allow you to upload and sell different types of digital products. The cost may vary according to each platform and the features they offer. Platforms like Mobilzer allow you to create your own mobile app for as low as $99. You can build a progressive web app that is accessible on web browsers and installable on mobile devices. Your app can be customized to fit your needs and has multiple integrations to help you track orders and manage marketing campaigns for your brand.

Unlike physical stores, you will also save a lot of expenses including the costs of renting a place/store, electricity bills, staff members, and security and surveillance.

  • Reach a wider audience

The online market is enormous so by selling your digital products online you reach a wide market of customers. For example, instead of selling a few copies of your physical book to customers in your neighborhood, you can convert it to an eBook and sell a hundred copies to the entire town online. Likewise, as your business grows, you can sell an unlimited number of copies of your digital products to millions of customers worldwide.

  • No overhead

Selling a physical product requires a lot of overhead from preparing materials to manufacturing and inventory management. Instead, selling digital products will save you a lot of hassle and costs related to running a brick-and-mortar store. Digital products also save you the headache of shipping and delivery errors since the product is downloaded instantly via URLs.

  • An automated process from start to finish

With an online store, you don’t have to hire sales members to promote your products. The whole process is automated from the moment the customer enters your store to checkout, purchase, and follow-up emails.

  • High profit

As mentioned above, selling online means definitely selling more, and reducing overhead costs equals a higher profit margin for your business. Setting up your online store is a one-time job, so you will have plenty of time to focus on marketing and the growth of your business. In the following, I will show you how you can set up an online store through Mobilzer to start selling your digital products.

How to sell digital products through Mobilzer? 

  • Application setup

The first step of creating your application is to choose your store type. We have more than 7 story types to fit different industries. For your specific need, choose “Digital Products” from the drop-down menu. While you’re on this page, you will be asked to create a domain for your store. We always advise our clients to choose a simple domain that can be easily recognized. Then, choose the supported languages in the application. We provide you with 6 different languages to choose from ((Arabic, English, German, French, Urdu, and Spanish).

  • Add unlimited categories

You can navigate through your application settings from the menu on the left side. The first step would be adding your product categories. Let’s say you’re selling eBooks, you can add as many categories as you want and assign unlimited products for each category as shown in the image below.

Uploading the digital product won’t take a few seconds. Simply create a product and upload the file to be downloaded. We support different file formats such as (PDF, Png, JPG, PSD, AI, Mp4, XLS, and DOCX).

You will have full control over everything in your store. Using our design templates and themes, you can customize your store’s color, fonts, and imagery to fit your brand’s visual identity.

  • Unlimited modifiers

You can sell an unlimited number of products through Mobilzer and add the modifiers you want. Using the same example mentioned above, if you’re selling an eBook, you can allow customers to choose between different file formats (PDF, EPUB, or Mobi). Choose modifiers lists from the menu on the left side, then create modifiers and assign different prices for each.


  • Discounts and loyalty

From the left side menu, choose discounts and loyalty. If you would like to add discount codes, click discounts from the drop-down menu. You can add a coupon code and the discount percentage or a fixed value. Here, I added a special coupon for new customers that gives them a 10% discount on their first purchase.

We recently launched a loyalty program to allow customers to collect points so that they can use them later as discount coupons. To understand more about how it works, you can read this article.

  • Receive payments instantly via Stripe

Now, it’s time to set up your payment method. You can choose between Strip, Google pay, Apple Pay, or PayPal. You can set up and create your Strip account through Mobilzer directly. Just click on create/link account and you will be directed to create an account.

  • Copyrights

We created a secure process to protect your valuable work. When your customers pay, they are given a special link to download the product. The link is protected by copyrights, it can’t be shared outside the app or used multiple times.

How to make your digital products stand out?  

The market is crowded. It takes hard work to stand out and leave an impact on your customers’ lives. From our experience with customers, here are some tips to make people want to buy from you:

  • Understand the customers that are going to buy your products. What are their challenges and ambitions? Be specific about who you’re creating the product for.
  • Put effort into writing an appealing product description that explains the value of what you’re offering. Avoid making it too long or difficult to read.
  • Create a freebie that is related to your digital product so that potential customers can have a glimpse at the quality you offer.
  • Leverage social media to promote your product. Check where your customers hang out and start being active there.
  • Engage with current customers by offering them multiple ways to communicate with you. Be it an email newsletter, a Facebook group, or a private Slack channel. You must find a way where your customers can hear from you. It’s good to know that Mobilzer offers integration with Mailchimp. So it won’t be hard to start an email newsletter that is integrated with your app.

Ready to start selling your digital product?

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