Create a Progressive Web App (PWA) with

Mobilzer allows you to build progressive web apps that are accessible via web browsers and mobile devices.

What is PWA?


A progressive web app is a type of app built with web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

PWAs are significantly easy to build compared to native apps. Therefore, it’s becoming popular as it offers all the features and functionalities of native apps.

Advantages of PWAs

How to build a PWA with Mobilzer?

Restaurant app

eCommerce app

Real estate app

Booking app

Create an account

Design your app, add components, and set up your payment method

Review your app

Launch your app to the market

Features that give you the advantage

Push notifications

Send regular push notifications to customers at any time with PWA. 


Build your web app and customize it the way you want. Insert any type of media from images to videos and Gifs. 


Integrate with multiple payment methods, marketing automations and analytical platforms. 

Discount Coupons

Incentivize your customers with discounts on their most loved products. 

Some of our favorite PWA examples