What is Mobilzer?

Mobilzer is a platform that allows you to design, publish and manage your own mobile app without the need for a designer or a developer, all can be easily done from Mobilzer’s mobile app on your mobile without the need to use a Laptop or PC.

Why Mobilzer?

  • Having your own mobile app with a branding experience.
  • Having your own space to put your products in one place, and sharing it as a business card.
  • Simplicity and the speed of which you can publish your mobile app is unparalleled in the industry. Add to that the simplicity and speed of the produced mobile app.
  • You can manage your mobile store from your mobile, all our admin dashboards are mobile first and you will manage everything on the go.
  • You can share your mobile application via a link that allows users to download the app directly from the web link.
  • Your users will not need to access Apple’s App Store nor Google’s Play Store in order for them to download your app, your app is downloadable from your website directly, it just take one click to download and the app will be installed on the device and accessible via the usual app icon you see for all other apps.
  • The same app can be installed on Apple desktop and laptop devices and the same for Microsoft windows.
  • Your users will receive Push Notifications to guarantee higher levels of engagement.
  • Your mobile application will still work for viewing products offline when there is no internet connection.
  • Your website and mobile app will have a 100% SEO support and all your products will be indexed by default to all search engines.
  • You can request to upload your mobile app to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store if you wish to do so without the need to create a developer account.
  • We allow customization of your app via our admin dashboard, you can modify the app appearance and colors which will be reflected instantly to all users without the need to update the app.
  • Our prices are competitive and we are committed to small business owners success.
  • Immediate & auto updates whenever there is an upgrade or feature changes.

Mobilzer Admin app features

  • Multi language admin panel.
  • Account registration followed by an automatic mobile application generation based on the information, logo, and other attributes you specify.
  • Automatic generation and registration of a security protected sub-domain that is HTTPS enabled.
  • The admin dashboard allows you to:
    • Change the main application colors.
    • Change your logo icon.
    • Change the style of the home page (like the number of columns that appear inside the page).
    • Add Slider as a banner to the top of the home page (you can add multiple images).
    • Edit the “about us” & “contact us” page.
    • Add a new language to the store and change the labels text in your store dynamically.
  • An admin dashboard to manage your products, categories, orders, and all other aspects of your store.
  • You can add products, categories, and subcategories infinitely nested to any degree you want.
  • You can add products attributes that are custom to your business (like multi-language text, short string, file), those attributes can be of all types such as product brand, net wight, how to use, user guide pdf …etc.
  • You can create products and add many pictures to showcase them.
  • You can search for products, categories and orders via a search bar as well as filtering it.
  • You can list the orders from clients and change its state, and manage the full order lifecycle.
  • You can receive an email for every new order (you have the ability to add multiple emails to receive the notification).
  • You can hide/show some of the checkout fields (like the Post code).
  • You can send push notifications to all of your mobile app users immediately.

Mobilzer Mobile app features

  • List the categories, subcategories and products online and offline.
  • Add products to the cart and purchase online.
  • Manage shipping addresses (users can add multiple addresses).
  • Change the language and switch the layout from LTR to RTL easily.
  • Users can see their order history that they made via your mobile app.
  • Users will receive the tax invoice via their email when they make a purchase.
  • Quick search for products via a search bar.
  • Users can receive notifications whenever there is an update on their orders status.
  • Users can see the company profile, and the contact information.
  • Show WhatsApp floating button to make the communication between the mobile app users and the store admin faster and easier.