Mobilzer vs. Gumroad: Best platforms for selling digital products

Looking for an eCommerce platform to sell your digital product/service? There are a lot of options in the market with different pros and cons. For this article, we chose to discuss Gumroad as it’s one…

Best no-code app builders in the market (Mobilzer, Appy Pie, Thunkable, and GoodBarber)

Do you have a brilliant idea for a mobile app? A decade ago, you had to learn coding to develop a mobile app but thankfully nowadays you can create an app without a single line…

How does the loyalty program work on Mobilzer?

Acquiring customers is easy, but retaining them is hard. That’s why companies use loyalty programs to retain customers and incentivize them to enforce loyalty. A loyalty program, in its simplest form, is a marketing strategy…

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Explore Mobilzer FAQ FAQ To what extent the data is confidential and secured? Your data is our top priority. We convert your data to hard-to-decipher codes to keep it confidential and protect it from any…

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