Features must have in a travel app

In today’s modern society, technology has become an integral part of the daily routines of citizens all over the world. In fact, many industries, such as the travel industry, are now heavily reliant on technology to support customer experience and satisfaction. A prime example of this reliance is a travel app, which offers travelers the ability to quickly and easily access essential information that can make their journey more convenient. Hence, it is crucial for a travel app to possess certain features in order to stand out from its competitors and maximize customer experience.


  • Booking system 

Users should be able to book their chosen flight, car rental or hotel quickly and easily with the travel application, and be able to compare various options in order to get the best deals. Additionally, the app must display all details related to the flights, car rentals, and hotels along with ratings and reviews to provide customers with all the information they need to make an informed decision. 


  • Online chat 

Online chat for travel apps can make booking any kind of trip easier and more efficient. By providing a direct line of communication with customer service representatives, customers can quickly resolve queries such as flight bookings, location details, and payment information. 


  • Form input 

With form input, you can collect feedback from customers about their trips or create a questionnaire to collect more information about the traveler. Mobilzer allows you to create many types of forms to collect information about customers or collect feedback. 


  • Secure payment gateways 

Payment gateways allow users to make bookings across the globe from within one platform. Users can pay using their credit cards or through bank transfers in a variety of currencies. Payment processes are also made easier through features such as tokenization and encryption, which ensure transactions remain safe and secure.


  • Search 

One of the most convenient features within travel apps is the search feature, which helps users quickly locate what they’re looking for, whether it’s attractions, hotels, or restaurants. Using powerful filters, customizable maps, and reviews from around the world, travelers can find everything they need to make their trip even better. 


Types of travel apps you can create with Mobilzer 


1.Progressive web apps 


Progressive web apps for travel have revolutionized the way we explore and experience new destinations. From booking flights, hotels and tours to receiving real-time notifications about flight itinerary changes or upcoming city events – progressive web apps make it all possible. Some of the benefits that progressive web apps provide are: 


  • Operating offline 
  • App-like features (push notifications, 
  • Instant updates 
  • Small in size
  • Eliminates the development and design costs 


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2.Native apps 


To reach wider audiences, businesses can create native apps and publish them to the app stores. No-code app builders like Mobilzer provide a quick and easy user interface that enables you to design and launch a native app in just a few hours. Some benefits that native apps provide are: 


  • Reach more audience
  • Flexibility to add features 
  • Decent performance 
  • Extensive customization 


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Steps to building a no-code travel app with Mobilzer 


3.Conduct a thorough research 


It’s important to conduct thorough research and create a list of features. Analyzing the needs of your target market is essential. Research the popular travel apps, their features, and which features are most-used by their users. This will help you create a comprehensive list of features that should be included in your app. Although the list will depend on the specific app you’re creating, some essential features that must be included include user management, content management, travel search and booking, payment processing, travel tracking, etc.


4.Design a user-interface 


The second step is to develop a user-friendly user interface. This is arguably the most critical aspect as this is the first interface that the user must interact with. This can be achieved by making it visually appealing, with enhanced usability and smooth navigation. Using Mobilzer’s pre-built and customizable templates, you can create an impressive user experience and enable a smooth transition between different pages, functionality, or features.


5.Launch your app on mobile devices 


The third step is to ensure that the app is compatible with all device platforms (iOS, Android, etc.) and browsers. The app should also be submitted to app stores and must be regularly updated and maintained. 


6.Market your app 


Having launched your app, you need to promote it to reach your target audience. Mobilzer allows you to integrate your app with email marketing tools like Mailchimp to market and promote your app via emails. 


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