10 must have features in e-commerce apps

The eCommerce industry is rapidly evolving and growing. As a result, the competition in this market is becoming increasingly fierce as businesses try to capture more market share by adding unique features to their applications. ECommerce mobile applications  have become increasingly popular, especially among young generations as they allow shoppers to make purchases with just a few taps on their phones. Customers can also get notifications when promotions come up, and keep track of their orders in an organized way. 

If you’re thinking to build an eCommerce mobile app for your business, then continue reading as we will discuss the essential features that you must include in your app. 


1. Convenient interface

A convenient interface is the first thing that you should offer to customers. The app should allow customers to make purchases with ease, from browsing available items until the payment is made. For example, it should include the necessary filters and search options to help users find the items they need quickly.


2. Clear product categorization 

If you’re a fashion store that offers items in different sizes, colors, and materials, you should make it easy for customers to use filters to find the product they need. 


3. Secure payment 

Customers should be able to pay for their items without having to worry about the safety of their financial information. Therefore, the app should include encryption and other security measures to protect customers’ confidential data. It can also offer multiple payment options, such as using credit or debit cards, or through virtual wallets or net banking. For example, Mobilzer offers integration with Stripe, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal to give customers a variety of payment options.


4. Online chat 

It is important for the eCommerce app to have an online chat as this would enable customers to ask questions about the products and get quick responses from the support team. Furthermore, the app can include feedback forms or survey systems to allow customers to provide feedback about their experience so that the store can improve in areas that are lacking. At Mobilzer, we offer WhatsApp chat integration which you can use in your app to have instant communication with your customers and answer their inquiries immediately. 


5. Push notifications 

ECommerce mobile apps can include notifications of discounts and special offers or personalized recommendations based on past purchases. Such features can enable customers to make well-informed purchasing decisions and ensure that they have the best shopping experience. 


6. Shipping options 

Offering an array of shipping options can be beneficial for both sellers and buyers: providing customers with variety can satisfy many different desires, while vendors have opportunities to offer discounts on more costly delivery methods in order to make them attractive to buyers. Using Mobilzer, you can offer customers the opportunity to pick up their items in the store or get them delivered to their houses.


7. Favorite list 

A favorite list allows users to easily save items they’re interested in buying for later, so there’s no need for them to scroll through hundreds of options. It also makes it easier to compare prices between products, so users can make sure they’re getting the best bang for their buck. 


8. Business information and hotlines 

To earn customers’ trust, you need to display all your business information on your ecommerce app or site. Information like business location, working hours, hotlines and etc must be clearly displayed on your “About” page. Mobilzer allows you to create an “About Business” page to display all relevant information about your store. 


9. Email marketing 

​​Through email campaigns and newsletters, businesses can advertise their products, run promotional campaigns and specials, offer loyalty rewards, and increase user engagement – plus, it’s trackable to observe which emails people are opening and taking action on so you can adjust accordingly. Mobilzer allows you to integrate with Mailchimp so you can send personalized emails to customers and notify them of upcoming discounts or new arrivals. 


10. Coupon codes 

Coupon codes are an effective way to increase customer retention. With Mobilzer, you can create coupon codes that can be used multiple times on selected products, allowing customers to re-purchase their favorite products. You can read more about coupon codes and how to enable them on Mobilzer from here. 


Why should you use Mobilzer to create an eCommerce app? 

Building a no-code ecommerce app is the perfect way to expand your business without having to invest too much money. If you’re looking for an easy and powerful way to create an online store, then no-code ecommerce apps are the way to go. Not only can they quickly launch a fully functional store with thousands of features, but they also provide the scalability and flexibility that traditional coding tools lack. With the help of cloud services, you can create a comprehensive and user-friendly web shop in no time at all. Mobilzer provides a hassle-free way to grow your business without breaking the bank. With Mobilzer, you can enjoy all the features mentioned above to create a fully functional ecommerce mobile app. You can even publish your app to App Store or Google Play to reach native app users. Building a no-code ecommerce app is definitely worth considering. Try out Mobilzer for Free from here.