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Products Upload and Create

Mobilzer provides flexibility to many use cases. That is why we have designed 3 concepts to organize products to cater to a broad range of use cases.


Firstly, you can add multiple categories that represent the way your products are organized. Some of our clients, for example, decided to use brands as categories, this works well with perfume and luxury products. Other customers use categories to organize products by type, for example, clothing stores add men, women, and kids categories.

It is very simple to add a category:

  1. go to the “Categories” section in the admin dashboard
  2. Click on “+ Add Category”
  3. Create a new category and add an image, name, description, whether you want this to be active or not, and a position relative to other categories you want this to show in a list.
  4. Hit save and you have a category created and ready to be used.



If your business has many products and a complex tree of types, you can create a special type of category called the sub-category. A sub-category needs to be a child of a parent category, for example, you might have a “Drinks” category and inside it, you might want to have a “water” sub-category and also a “soft-drinks” sub-category. To create a sub-category you follow the same exact steps of creating a normal category, except that you need to select a parent of the sub-category before saving.


Creating a product is super simple:

  1. Go to the “Products” section in the admin dashboard
  2. Click on the “+ Add Product” button.
  3. You now can select the category or sub-category this product belongs to, add your product info, price, discounted price, stock, and much more. Also, you can add pictures or upload videos to show your product features.
  4. Hit save and you have a product created and published to your apps immediately.